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Special Visits


In case of an emergency during regular office hours, call our office ( 541-756-2584 ) and a work-in appointment will be scheduled.


After hours, on weekends, and holidays, one of the Bay Eye Clinic ophthalmologists is always on call. If you have an eye related emergency and need to reach our after hours answering service please call ( 541-269-3283 ).


If for any reason the ophthalmologist on call cannot be reached in a timely fashion, go to the Emergency Room at Bay Area Hospital, where the Emergency Room physician will see you and contact one of us. The following conditions generally warrant Emergency Visits:

  • Blurry vision uncorrectable by lenses, especially of recent onset.

  • Double vision .

  • Dimming of vision that comes and goes, or sudden loss of vision.

  • Red eye/eyes especially if associated with vision loss or pain.

  • Eye pain.

  • Loss of side vision.

  • Halos (colored rays or circles around lights).

  • Recent onset of crossed, turned or wandering eye.

  • Flashes or streaks of light.

  • New floaters (spots, strings or shadows).

  • Discharge, crusting or excessive tearing.

  • Bulging of one or both eyes.

  • Difference in the size of pupils.

Patients with lost or damaged glasses or contact lenses will normally be taken care of within a few days.


Some patients require a consultation or follow-up care from a subspecialist for specific eye diseases such as glaucoma or diabetes.


We have made arrangements with these subspecialists to see patients in our office on a regular basis so our patients do not have to make a trip out of town.


Surgery will possibly require a trip to the locale where the subspecialist operates.


For our patients who would like to be seen closer to their home, we do see patients in satellite locations for certain appointment types:


We have a satellite clinic in Florence. Please call our office, 1-800-422-9393, to schedule an appointment at this clinic.

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